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Indian state actors operating in Balochistan: Musharraf

“You call on non-state actors operating in Kashmir….here in Balochistan it is the state actors….from your side it is your state which is acting in Balochistan which is more serious,” Musharraf said in an interview with India’s CNN News 18.

Just yesterday, Baloch rebel Brahamdagh Bugti approached the Permanent Mission of India in Geneva for filing asylum paper while Indian PM Narendra Modi also mentioned Balochistan in his Independence Day speech.

Musharraf questioned the Indian state’s move to grant asylum to a terrorist like Bugti but claimed that Pakistan is not worried as it knows India is doing a lot to internationalise the Balochistan insurgency issue.

He, however, warned that such interference makes relationship between India and Pakistan all the more tense.

On Uri Attacks and ‘imminent war’

Answering a question about the call for arms against Pakistan in India after Uri attacks, Musharraf claimed that anyone including the Indian DGMO, who is talking about military action “should understand the consequences”.

“I mean today your DGMO Defence Minister is clearly saying that ‘we are going to attack you’ in whichever time and place of our choosing…not war gaming a step further…what will happen after that? why wouldn’t Pakistan strike back at its time and place of choosing,” Musharraf told the interviewer.

As the Indian anchor tried to maintain that the ‘provocation’ for war came from Pakistan, Musharraf aptly silenced him by reminding that ” your army has killed 80 civillians in Kashmir”.

The former COAS maintained that India and Indian army would be very naive not to think that kashmir people will not react if they kill 80 Kashmiris.

“You fire shotguns at them. You blinding young people and young boys and you expect that their will be no reaction,” said Musharraf.








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