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Woman, 44, claims to have survived just on tea for 33 years

A 44-year-old Indian woman, Philli Devi, has claimed to have survived just on tea for the past 33 years as she gave up on eating food at the age of 11.

The strange story came from a Baradiya village located in Koriya district in India’s Chattisgarh state. Devi is known as ‘Chai Vali Chachi’ in the village, according to Indian media reports.

Her father, Rati Ram, told local media that she stopped eating food at the age of 11.

indian woman survival tea strange story

He revealed that Philli Devi stopped consuming daily means and even drinking water after she returned home after participating in a district level tournament from Patna School in Janal.

Devi’s brother Bihari Lal claimed that his sibling would consume bread or biscuits along with the tea in the initial years, however, she gave that up too. Surprisingly, she also decided to quit consuming tea with milk entirely after a slight delay was made in getting the milk once due to financial issues to the family.

indian woman survival tea strange story

Her brother also claimed that the family had consulted doctors too, however, they did not find any alarming health issues to her. The reports said that she drinks just one cup of tea before sunset, whereas, her daily routine involves staying indoors without being exhausted must of her resources.



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