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Information ministry launches Twitter account to expose fake news

ISLAMABAD: The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has launched a Twitter account @FakeNews_Buster for exposing fake news and disinformation.

The first tweet of the account states: “The objective of social media is information, education and knowledge sharing. It should be based on truth and should not spread #FakeNews and disinformation, to achieve ulterior motives. Otherwise, it will erode its credibility.”

Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry said this account would respond to fake news and action would be taken against those responsible for spreading it.

The minister took to twitter to express his resentment on widespread fake news and notification regarding different government events.

He said: “A series of Fake notifications and news is systematically spread on social media, it started from a media dinner picture and now there is a series of such rubbish. Without effecting freedom on SM we need to take strict action against fake news.”

The first news debunked by the account was that Maleeka Bokhari, who was recently appointed as parliamentary secretary, has been appointed as BISP chairperson. It also denied that she is related to Zulfi Bukhari, a close friend of Prime Minister Imran Khan.

“It is our collective obligation as a responsible citizen of this country to discourage and reject the spread of FakeNews,” said another tweet debunking news that a daughter of first lady Bushra Bibi had been appointed as an adviser on women empowerment on a hefty salary.

“Users of social media must realize that it is their collective responsibility to post information which is based on facts not rumors. The social media community must discourage those who are involved in disseminating FakeNews,” it urged.

Last month, the federal minister had taken notice of the fake telephonic calls using his name warned various institutions and pubic to be aware of such fraudulent calls.

In a statement, the minister took strong exception to the telephonic calls to various institutions by those using his name.

The minister said that the miscreants want to tarnish the image of the present government besides defaming him. He vowed to bring such elements to justice.

He adviced the public and institutions to beware of such miscreants and ensure authenticity of any telephone call received in his name to counter these cheaters.



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