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Instagram to hide offensive comments as it launches new features

Instagram has announced the launch of new features on its 10th anniversary. These new features include Stories Map and two well-being updates.

The new Stories Map feature creates a private map and calendar of the stories a user has shared in the last three years. With the help of this feature, the company states that a user can “look back and remember all of their favourite moments.” Users can share, download, and save these stories to their highlights.

Instagram has also added an easter egg to the app that lets you change its home screen icon.

The icons available include the classic Polaroid-style camera designs that were used for more than five years. There are themed variations on the current logo, too, including Pride rainbow colors and monochrome options. The app update also includes another feature: a private map and archive of your stories from the past three years.


Funnily enough I found this easter egg by just a shot in the dark. Not too well hidden, thankfully! - On its 10th birthday Instagram brings a fun hidden Easter egg

The first well-being feature is “Hiding Potentially Offensive Comments,” which automatically hides comments similar to others that have been reported. Users can see any removed comments from their posts by tapping the “View Hidden Comments” button.

Android users can download or update Instagram from the Google Play Store here, while iPhone users can do so from Apple’s App Store here.



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