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Interfaith harmony holds primary importance in ‘Naya Pakistan’: Prime Minister Khan

ISLAMABAD: Addressing a ceremony today Prime Minister Imran Khan promoting religious harmony in the country, ARY News reported on Monday.

The Prime Minister said that the country has people who have treated religion as a business which is unfortunate.

Khan further stated that the people think he jokes around when he talks about the establishment of a country on the foundations of Medina of old; “I would like to tell these people that I have a vision for this country and it will be fulfilled.”

The Prime Minister also said that the to understand the concept of what he was trying to do, one needs to investigate and research upon the state of Medina in the times of the Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H).

“I want our universities to offer P.H.D degrees in the subject, the state of Medina is the model off of which ‘Naya Pakistan’ is to be established,” said Khan.

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The PM also added that, minority rights in such a state are of primary importance, he elaborated that the state was bound to protect minority rights till the day of judgment.

“People were allowed to follow and practice whatever religion they recognized themselves by and that is exactly what Naya Pakistan looks to inculcate.”

Continuing further Khan said that the founder of Pakistan, Quaid e Azam had echoed the same sentiments of interfaith harmony which were stated in the charter of Medina during the times of the Propher (P.B.U.H) and those are the golden principals that the current government is resolute to uphold.

Addressing the Sikh’s in attendance during the ceremony, the Prime Minister said that he was aware that the sikh’s felt the same way about Kartarpur as muslims feel for Makkah and Medina.

He assured them that their religious rights would be regarded, allowed and facilitated by the state of Pakistan.

“We will ensure that the Sikh’s performing their religious ceremonies in the best way possible,” said Khan.



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