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Interior Ministry ‘completely failed’ in implementing NAP: PPP leaders

Speaking to reporters here, National Assembly opposition leader said the ministry must think whether it was ashamed on its failure.

Shah insisted that it was unfortunate that ‘NAP was not implemented at all’. If institutions are weakened, people will to suffer its consequences, said the PPP leader

Going on with his controlled criticism, Shah said Chaudhary Nisar didn’t bother to come to Quetta after the deadly blast.

Shah post

He went on to say that he had always been stressing that Mian sahib had snakes in the grass. He said Parliament could only furnish advice, “we can’t go and fight on the ground,” he added.

Earlier in his comments, PPP leader Aitzaz Ahsan said there were 20 points for national action plan but none of them were put into practice.

He said blasts one after another were the failure of intelligence. He appealed for setting up funds for providing education to children of the martyrs.



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