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Irish airline offloads man who ‘abused’ Muslims

There is a perception among a section of Muslims that white people are mostly racial, however Irish airline, Aer Lingus, has proved it wrong after Muslim passengers were verbally abused by a man.

After the incident took place on Sunday on flight EI0330 from Dublin to Berlin, realizing offence of the man, crew of the flight offloaded him to teach him a lesson.

Passengers were all praise for the airline and they spoke about the incident on its Facebook page.

“Before taking off, a passenger showed abusive behaviour against two other Muslim passengers,” wrote Khalid Wafiq Kamel.  “The crew reacted promptly to stop him, and the offending passenger was removed from the flight.”

Thanking and expressing respect for the captain and the crew, Kamel said: “I would like to send a special Thank You to Captain O’Shea and the rest of the crew for making my day. As a Muslim, I felt safe and respected being in Ireland and on Aer Lingus.”

Kamel’s Facebook post is liked by over 16,000 people and prompted positive comments from scores of others.

“I have been here in this beautiful country for 15 years,” said Syed Ahmed. “I have so much love and respect for the Irish people the way I have been treated fairly in this country regardless of colour, race or religion.”

“Fantastic to read this… everyone should be treated equal and obnoxious people (whatever be their reason) should be shown their place… kudos to Aer Lingus,” another said.

Responding to Kamel’s post, Aer Lingus thanked him and apologised for the incident.

“Thanks for your kind words, Khalid. We’re so sorry to hear that this took place but we’re glad that the crew handled the situation well. We look forward to welcoming you on board a flight again in the near future.”

Celine Gervin wrote: “Well done Aer Lingus. Hope it wasn’t an Irish person who abused you Khalid. If so, I’m sorry and hope you know it isn’t representative of us all. If more people had the guts to stand up to ignorant mouthy bigots and xenophobes the world would be a better place.”

An Irish resident, Theresa Corcoran, said: “Well done Are Lingus. There is no place for racial hate in Ireland.”



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