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Islamabad airport’s false ceiling collapses due to rain, video goes viral

RAWALPINDI: A portion of the false ceiling of Islamabad International Airport’s (IIA) international and domestic departure lounges collapsed during recent rainfall in the capital.

A video clip showing panels of the false ceiling coming off and falling to the ground has been doing rounds on social media. Rainwater began dripping from the ceiling after the panels came down.

The damage the rainfall inflicted on the airport was reported two days back. There were no reports of injuries in the incident. The collapse of ceiling panels during rain lays bare poor quality of construction work on the airport.

On June 23, strong winds in the capital city had inflicted damage to the New Islamabad International Airport. A portion of the airport ceiling along with a glass door of the newly built state of the art airport fell to the ground, exposing weak built quality.

Furthermore, many glass windows at the airport also got broken and the boarding bridge designated to take passengers to their respective airplanes also suffered damage. Boarding brige 6’s safety wall was broken by the gust rendering it unusable.



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