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Islamic decree terms honor killing un-Islamic act

“Islam gives adult women right to love marriage. Considering killing in the name of honor a right thing is Kufr,” said the decree verified by 40 muftis.

They demanded from the government to constitute strict laws to stop such incidents and hang the culprits to death.

“Immolation of women on doing love marriage is against Islamic teachings. Self-imposed standards of honor in society are composed of ignorance,” the decree said.

The decree said Islam declares safety of women rights obligatory on rulers. Therefore, the government should make effective legislation to stop women killing.

It said the incidents of immolation of women in Abbotabad, Murree and Lahore had shaken the country.

The scholars who issued the Islamic decree include Mufti Haseeb Qadri, Dr Mufti Kareem Khan, Allama, Naeem Javed Noori, Mufti Akber Rizvi, Mufti Ramazan Jami, Allama Hamid Sarfaraz, Mufti Muhammed Bukhsh Rizvi, Maulana Akber Naqshbandi and Mufti Muhammed Hussain Siddiqui.




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