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Caught On Camera: Medical college principal sexually harassing girls during job interview

KARACHI: At a time when the whole world is debating the issue, Sar-e-Aam team led by host Iqrar-ul-Hassan caught on camera a college principal sexually harassing girls during job interviews.


As Sar-e-Aam team received a lot of complaints about Jinnah Homeopathic Medical College’s Principal Dr. Muhammad Ali.

The complainants maintained that the man sexually harasses girls during job interview as he regularly changes personal secretaries.

The aged man was caught on camera asking for sexual favours from at least three girls during the job interview as Sar-e-Aam team sent them to ascertain the complainants’ claim.

His Modus Operandi

At regular intervals, the college principal used to give an advertisement to several newspapers demanding a personal secretary for himself. As the job seeking girls used approach his office, the man asked them to come for an interview.

During the interview (as caught on camera) the man used to demand sexual favours in return of a handsome salary and even demanded friendship and “oxygen” for his poor old soul.


The Sar-e-Aam host Iqrar-ul-Hassan took utmost care not to accuse him wrongfully so he sent at least three girls and recorded videos of the college principal asking sexual favours from the job seekers.

The first girl was first asked (video on top of the post) for friendship, asked to wear pant shirt for he (college principal) claimed that he is an “adventurous sort of a person.

The episode did not conclude on verbal demands but the principal showed her a proper bedroom annexed to his office and the girl had no choice but to leave the place saying  she needs to give her cellphone to her cousin who is outside the college.

From the second girl, the man openly said that he has only one bad habit which is “romance” and he loves romancing with girls and the girl should obey him as “there is no harm providing oxygen to an old plant”. (video on top of post)

As the girl tried to escape the scene, the man asked some of his servants to monitor her. Fearing that this might alarm the principal, the girl went back to the principal’s office where the man started boasting about his contacts in the city’s businessmen class and media to instill fear in the girl lest she opens up about his crime i.e. sexual harassment. (second video in the post)

To collect more undeniable evidence, a third girl was sent. (the second video in the post)

The man immediately started praising the girl’s looks and asked why she is not wearing proper make up then demanded sexual favours and for the final proof, the girl asked if she does not succumb to her demands, she will get a lesser salary.

“Insaniat Ke Naatay Mujhay Oxygen Aapne Dena Hai, Oxygen Dena Koi Gunah Nahi”  (You have to give me oxygen, to give a human some oxygen is no sin)

As he physically approached the girl, Sar-e-Aam team raided the place to save the girl from his advances but were met with strong resistance from the principal himself and his nephew.

The principal first threatened host Iqrar-ul-Hassan (to no avail) and then said that he cannot even move due to some illness but was clearly refuted by the Sar-e-Aam host by showing him his video in which he stood up and opened the bedroom for the girl.

The principal’s  nephew claimed that the aged man is suffering from some mental issues but couldn’t reply in assertive when the Sar-e-Aam team asked him if he would allow such crime to a mentally disturbed individual.

Iqar-ul-Hassan maintained that a mentally disturbed individual can do this “mistake” one time but not three times.

A First Information Report (FIR) was registered in the police station and the accused was arrested and is on bail these days.




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