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Jobless Oxford graduate sues parents for financial support

In an unprecedented move, a 41-year-old unemployed Oxford graduate has dragged his parents to court in a bid to force them to pay him financial support for life, claim reports.

Faiz Siddiqui who has a law degree from Oxford University is a trained lawyer and has even worked for a series of law firms.

The Oxford-graduate lawyer has been jobless since 2011 and is currently demanding his Dubai-based parents to support him financially life-long.

Siddiqui’s Dubai-based parents have let him live rent-free at a £1 million flat they own near London’s Hyde Park for 20 years.  

Not only that, his parents have also been providing him with more than £400-a-week in addition to helping him with his bills.

However, his parents now want to cut his financial support after a family dispute. Not taking this decision lightly, he sued his parents arguing that he is entitled to a lifelong maintenance grant.

The case against his parents claiming maintenance was thrown out last year by a family court judge, and it will now be heard at the Court of Appeal.



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