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Saudi Arab says new laws on anvil to localize its labour

RIYADH: The Saudi Arab’s Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development has announced the implementation of a decision to localize its workforce across professions in restaurants, cafes, hypermarkets, and malls soon.

Minister Ahmed Al-Rajhi said that the number of young Saudi men and women who entered the labor market in January exceeded 28,000.

“We are targeting all sectors, activities, and professions, and we will invest in all opportunities so as to enable the sons and daughters of the country to take up jobs,” Al-Rajhi said.

He added that the kingdom will soon implement a decision to localize the legal and educational professions also.

Al-Rajhi made the remarks during his meeting with members of the National Committee for Contractors and the National Committee for Consulting Professions.

“A study has been completed to improve the status of occupational security and safety personnel working on company contracts in ministries and quasi-governmental entities, in addition to contractors with the private sector and set a minimum wage for them,” he said.

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The minister said that the Saudization initiatives and programs in the year 2019-2020 have achieved excellent results, as more than 420,000 citizens have joined the labor market.

“The number of Saudis who joined the labor market in January exceeded 28,000 young men and women, through the branches of HADAF and TAQAT employment centers and employment support and empowerment programs.”

We have worked on formulating it with private sector establishments through many workshops, in order to improve the Saudi labor market environment, raise its efficiency and make it in line with global labor markets, in terms of attractiveness, high competitiveness and attracting skilled people,” he added.



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