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Devolution of powers will make Pakistan prosper, says Kamal

“Devolution of powers will directly benefit the masses and help control corruption. It is the responsibility of the government to provide basic needs to the people at their doorsteps,” the former Karachi mayor said while talking to media in Karachi.

He said common man had no concern whether the Pakistan Army would join in the Saudi-led coalition Arab states or when would Kashmir issue be resolved, adding that people see water, power and other basic needs as issues and they elected local representatives to fulfill these needs.

Citing the example of Thar, the PSP chief said when a child dies sobbingly before his mother, then the mother has no concern but water and other basic necessities.

“PSP, according to its manifesto, keeps the spirit of spreading love and removing hatred based on ethnicity or religion among the people of Sindh,” he said.

The people of Sindh do not want hatred on the basis of ethnicity, sects and political inclination, he said. They want to coexist and live peacefully.

Kamal said Kashmir dispute is a national issue and that his party will make a formal announcement about its policy on affairs relating to Kashmir, Afghanistan and others.

The PSP leader said Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) chief had not yet responded to the allegations of funding by Indian spy agency, RAW, which substantiates their links with the foreign agency.

He also said people in large number across the country, specially from Sindh, were joining PSP, adding, “The public response to the party is a sign of our victory.”



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