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Kamal takes ‘peace initiative’ to Karachi’s Orangi Town

The campaign, which started on Monday from Korangi, saw Kamal ask people of Karachi to live peacefully, buy books and educate themselves in order to overcome their problems.

“You were told to sell VCR (video cassette recorders) and buy guns but I say buy books, books and education are our identity,” Kamal told the public in veiled jab at rival MQM chief Altaf Hussain.

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Kamal told a mammoth crowd that he and his fellow party members took stand for rights of people of Karachi.

“I spent a total of Rs 300 billion (as Karachi mayor) but not even my enemies can accuse me of any wrongdoing or corruption,” said Kamal.

The PSP leader urged people of the town to vote for him in the future to get rid of their problems.

Kamal, who announced the formation of his party after a press conference against Altaf Hussain back in March, Monday went out to meet people on Korangi streets, addressed them and promised to solve all their issues if they choose his party to serve them.

Kamal’s Korangi visit had ended with a flag-hoisting ceremony.



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