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Kangana Ranaut terms COVID-19 a ‘wakeup call’ after dismissing it as ‘small time flu’

Kangana Ranaut has backtracked on her earlier statement about COVID-19 being a ‘small-time flu which got too much press’, this time calling it a ‘wake up call’.

Ranaut, who is currently recovering from COVID after testing positive last week, took to Instagram stories on Monday to share a picture of a pulse oximeter, urging people to take stringent measures like planting trees to ensure the survival of humans.


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“Covid is just a wake-up call. If we don’t start living responsibly, the future for our species is bleak,” she said, before listing down pointers for a better future.

“Recycle clothes and natural resources,” she wrote, adding, “Plant more trees, one person must plant eight trees a year, that is the amount of oxygen each one of us consumes.”


Ranaut’s third advice was ‘conscious birthing’. “Do you want children because everyone is having or it’s a conscious choice that you made?” she asked, before concluding her list with “Don’t waste water or food.”

The post comes days after her post terming COVID a small-time was deleted by Instagram. “Come let’s destroy this Covid -19 it is nothing but a small time flu which got too much press and now psyching few people,” the post said.



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