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Karachi Beware! Another heat wave knocking the door

KARACHI: Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) has warned Karachi to remain prepared for another bout of heat wave in the city from tomorrow, ARY News reported on Friday.

Temperature in the port city soaring in recent days after the last monsoon rainfall on September 03.

According to the weather office maximum temperature in the metropolis on Friday (today) will remain between 37 – 39 o Celsius, which will hit to maximum 40 ºCelsius on Saturday.

The Heat Wave Early Warning Centre of the weather department in an advisory warned of a mild heat wave likely to affect Karachi city during 21st to 24th September 2019.

According to the met office maximum temperature is likely to range in 38 – 40ºC with surface wind likely to blow from East/Northeast during the period.

Earlier, Chief Meteorologist Sardar Sarfaraz had said that a low pressure area will develop over the Arabian Sea in the northeast till Friday (today).

The southwestern winds from the sea will cease under the impact of the low pressure and the mercury can soar up to 40 degree Celsius in the port city , the weather official said.

The city experienced a heat wave in June this year in the wake of tropical cyclone Vayu in the Arabian Sea.

During the time temperatures soared up to 40-42 degree Celsius in the port city.

Earlier, in June 2015 when a low-pressure area had developed over the Arabian Sea resulted into deaths of hundreds of people in Karachi and other parts of Sindh.

Heat Waver precautionary measures

Medical experts advise citizens to avoid unnecessarily leaving homes in extreme sunlight and hot weather.

If you have no other alternative but to venture outside to run an errand, try to wear a hat and sunglasses. A hat is the best form of head covering which not only protects your head and scalp from the heat but also your brows.

It was also advised to provide immediate initial medical treatment to the affected person of heatstroke by pouring cold water after lying him to a shaded place before taking to a hospital.

Make sure that not only do you drink ample amounts of water and maintain a healthy water intake (such as 8 glasses daily) but also eat foods which contain sufficient water in them. Examples could include juicy fruits such as watermelon, grapes, mangoes or salads etc, the medics advised.



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