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‘Police officer’s son, gunmen’ allegedly attempt to kidnap citizen in Karachi

KARACHI: A citizen has registered a complaint about an abduction attempt by the ‘son of an influential police officer along with armed personnel’ in Gulshan-e-Jamaal area of Karachi, ARY News reported on

The CCTV footage of the incident acquired by ARY News exposed the misusage of power allegedly by a son of a high-rank police officer who attempted to kidnap a young man, Abdul Rehman, in Gulshan-e-Jamaal area located at Rashid Minhas Road of the metropolis.

Citizen kidnap police Karachi CCTV footage

The footage showed a white-coloured government vehicle, SBP-920, arrived in at the locality where a young man standing in a street and talking with someone on phone.

Two personnel armed with pistol and AK-47 came out of the car and tried to push Abdul Rehman into the vehicle, whereas, the third man was seen pushing back another citizen who is trying to intervene into the alleged abduction bid.

Citizen kidnap police Karachi CCTV footage

The citizen resisted to sit inside the vehicle after making some arguments, later, the alleged police officials immediately went away when his family members and other residents came out of their houses.

Citizen kidnap police Karachi CCTV footage

Abdul Rehman registered a complaint in the Sharea Faisal police station regarding his kidnap attempt on Monday (yesterday) by ‘Zaryab, a son of Superintendent Police (SP) Javed Tanoli along with armed personnel in a government vehicle.’

Citizen kidnap police Karachi CCTV footage

He stated that the policemen had tortured and his clothes were torn when he resisted them. The complainant said that all persons fled from the location after watching other residents coming out of their houses.

It emerged that Sharea Faisal police is reluctant to file a case the son of the influential police officer.



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