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'I am Karachi' Football hopes to beat violence in the city

Aiming to direct the energy of youngsters towards healthy activities, as many as twenty football clubs in Karachi will participate in ‘I am Karachi’ Football League.

The 12th edition of the Karachi Football League (KFL) organised by the Karachi United Football Foundation (KUFF) is aimed to promote the game of football and in the process eliminate culture of violence and propagate peace.

The twenty teams have been divided into two groups. The group stage will see each team face one another in the respective group. After league matches, top four teams from each group will find a place in the Super League phase. In Super League, the teams will play matches on the basis of round-robin basis. Top four outfits of the Super League will then make it to the semifinals.

The matches would be played at different grounds of the city between January and April next year.

Group A: FC Rovers, Khyber Muslim, Karachi United FC, Salar Welfare Centre, Usmanabad Union, Rizwan Sports, Burma Mohammadan, National Fighter, Askani Brothers, Jehangir Memorial.

Group B: Azad XI, Hunter Sports, 16 Star, Wahab XI, Lyari Brothers, Azam Sports, Muslim Brothers, Maripur Baloch, Ghani XI, Irfan Memorial.



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