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Kashmala Tariq clarifies her remarks about ‘Good Morning texts being harassment’

ISLAMABAD: As the ‘Good Morning text messages’ statement of Kashmala Tariq came into the limelight of social media, the Federal Ombudsman for Protection Against Harassment (FOSPAH) at workplaces took to Twitter to clarify her remarks immediately.

She said her statement, in which Kashmala termed ‘good morning’ text messages to women at the workplace a form of harassment, was taken out of context.

“At Women’s Day Celebrations at Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce today I said that people shall not use their position of power to exploit women [and] ask them out for lunches [and] teas. That tantamounts to harassment too. I said unwelcoming [and] unwanted text messages [and] stalking on social media are also harassments. And then I gave examples. Media shall not take just one line of context please,” Tariq claimed.

During her address yesterday, Kashmala said that harassment was not only limited to being sexual in nature but can be in any form.

She continued that if someone is constantly experiencing a harassing behaviour at a workplace then that individual can approach the FOSPAH to complain against it.

“My institution is not only for women but for men as well, as they can bring their complaints too regarding harassment,” Kashmala said.

Kashmala Tariq was appointed as the federal ombudsperson on “protection against harassment of women at workplace” in February 2018.




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