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A Kashmiri from Pulwama approaches Qureshi in Medina, shares concerns

MEDINA: A man from occupied Kashmir’s city Pulwama approached Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi in Al-Masjid an-Nabawī and shared his concern about his parents who are under the Indian military siege in the held valley.

In a video posted by PTV News on Twitter, the man told FM Qureshi that he belongs to Pulwama while narrating the ongoing torture by Indian troops in the territory.

The Indian Muslim said that he has not heard from his parent, who are in occupied Kashmir, as the communication blockade is specifically very strict in Pulwama. He added that there is one contact number of the police station but the officials on the other end disconnect the call and give no information.

The foreign minister told the worrisome man that, “We are going to the United Nations session and Imran Khan will also be going there. Insha Allah [God willing] we will fight the case of Kashmiris [there].”

Qureshi prayed for the man’s relief, saying “may you get your rights, may you get the right to self-determination and may you get the freedom.”

He assured the young man that every Pakistani is standing with its Kashmiri brethren.

A Pakistani delegation headed by Prime Minister Imran Khan is on its way to the United States to attend the United Nations General Assembly session. PM Khan is scheduled to address the session on Sep 27 where he will raise the issue of Kashmir.




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