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Couple arrested for staging daughter’s kidnapping in Kasur

KASUR:  Punjab police on Thursday arrested four people including a man and a woman for staging the kidnapping of their own daughter, ARY News reported.

According to police, a couple, resident of Punjab’s Kasur district, got their own daughter kidnapped to blame it upon one of their area residents and rivals.

The couple had approached police yesterday and registered a case against their rivals accusing them of kidnapping their eight-year-old daughter Tayyaba from Ali Park area of Kasur city where she used to go to get Quran lessons.

The police immediately started investigation as the city has seen many such incidents in the past, where children were kidnapped and sexually abused like the Zainab case, but soon found out that the couple had kidnapped their own daughter.

“We sent a sent a team to Faisalabad where the girl was being kept at her maternal uncle’s house and recovered her, fearing arrest,  the couple was planning to kill their own child,” a police officer told media.

The police officer added that the law enforcement agency has arrested four people including the couple and the girl’s uncle in the case.

It is pertinent to note here that Kasur district has seen many such cases in the recent past where children were kidnapped and sexually abused.

Most recently, three young boys’ mortal remains were found in Chunian tehsil of the district. Medical examination confirmed that they were raped before being killed.



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