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‘Khuda Mera Bhi Hai’ raises all the pertinent questions over treatment of intersex children

ARY Digital’s new play ‘Khuda Mera Bhi Hai’ was already earning a lot of praise before its airing for bringing to screen and handling a topic considered taboo in our society but as the drama progresses, it raises more and more pertinent questions making it a must watch.

Social media users have not only praised the leading actors’ performance but also the way the play is portraying the society’s (including the educated people) treatment of intersex children.  Almost everyone is claiming to relate to the issue many of us didn’t even acknowledge exists.

As Mah Gul (Aisha Khan) gives birth to an intersex child, her snotty mother-in-law not only mocks her for giving birth to a Hejra ( a derogatory term for intersex people) but convinces her husband to abandon the child and declare that his child had died soon after birth.

Her husband’s act of handing it over to a Guru (a leader of intersex community)  and Mah Gul’s reaction to the whole episode- then her decision to own the child had everyone in tears and inspired soul-searching among the society.

The questions were raised in such a subtle manner that none found it difficult to understand that when parents don’t abandon physically challenged children, why do they abandon intersex children?

After all, being intersex is also just a special condition.

Why are we imposing a lifestyle we don’t approve of, on our own children? They do have rights equal to those of men and women.

These clips say it all!

Just watch this clip of Mah Gul’s meeting with a mother who is raising a special child- The mother says that the doctor had warned her about the child’s abnormality and special needs but she didn’t abort him for she was a mother.

“When you will become a mother, you will know,” she told Mah Gul.

When the lady decides to get her child back and raise it in a  shame-free and supportive way, the Guru (himself an intersex) stands up and dances with joy… clearly representing the fact that they love to be loved…. they did not choose this lifestyle but this was imposed upon them. She even lauds Mah Gul for taking the bold step which can lead to their acceptance in the society.

“Tu jo karrahi ha wo bhuat mushkil kaam ha pr mushkilat hi rukawaton ki zanjeer torti ha or phir nai soch ka sooraj ugta ha”

“What you are doing is a difficult job; but overcoming difficulties is what leads to the breaking of shackles and gives birth to a new thought”





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