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Women kidnaps newborn in a shopping bag from private hospital’s lobby

NAROWAL: Alleged kidnapper caught on camera, takes away newborn from the hospital’s maternity ward lobby in a shopping bag, ARY News reported on Tuesday.

A veiled woman who can be seen clearly in the video has an infant in her arms before entering the hospital’s washroom who is nowhere to be seen as she comes out of it.

She has a shopping bag in her hand which she did not carry previously.

According to reports, the family of the newborn has revealed the identity of the woman, revealing her name to be Ulfat.

The 4 days old boy was with her grandmother in the lobby of the hospital outside the maternity ward when Ulfat came up to her claiming to be a staffer of the medical facility.

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Ulfat asked the grandmother to give the newborn to her for some eye tests, telling the grandmother that the baby has a probable eye infection.

The grandmother of the newborn after the kidnapping said: “I met the woman last night and she had told me that she worked at the hospital so I entrusted her with my grandson.”

The grandmother also claimed that Ulfat had also accompanied her to the nursery of the hospital for the aforementioned eye test.

The private hospital’s Medical Superintendent, Dr.Daud maintained that no one by the name of Ulfat worked at the facility and that they had never seen or heard of the woman who is being labelled the kidnapper.

The afflicted family has said that the local police has not been helping them find their kidnapped child and has yet to register an FIR (First Information Report) on the matter.



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