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100pc Punjab kilns converted to zig zag technology to reduce air pollution: Usman Buzdar  

LAHORE: Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar on Sunday announced that 100 percent of brick kilns in the province were converted to zig-zag technology in a bid to overcome air pollution and smog, ARY NEWS reported.    

Taking to Twitter to make the announcement, the chief minister said that smoke from the brick kilns was a cause of major air pollution issues in the province especially in the surroundings of Lahore.

“We have to close down these brick kilns during the four months of winter previously,” the chief minister said as smog covering Punjab cities during winter has remained an important cause of concern for the provincial authorities.

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He said that owing to the efforts of the Punjab government, all 7,986 brick kilns have been shifted to zig-zag technology, which will help in reducing the carbon emission to 60 percent.

The chief minister also shared a map, showing the presence of kilns on it that are converted to the new technology.

The smoke from the brick kilns previously has led to causing smog onwards from the month of November, leading to low visibility which results in scores of road mishaps, disturbance in flights and train schedules, etc.

Adviser to PM on Climate Change Malik Amin Aslam also lauded the Punjab government and Usman Buzdar for converting 100 percent of brick kilns to zig zag technology in a record six months.

He said in his message from Twitter handle that the effort would lead to 60 percent less carbon emission and 30 percent saving in costs.



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