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WATCH: This kitten has two-tone face perfectly split in half   

TENNESSEE: A kitten who was found abandoned in a wall has a perfect two-tone face, one-half black and the other ginger in Tennessee state of the United States (US).

According to the details, the adorable puss, Apricot,  and her sister Pretzel were found by a family who had just moved into their new house in Tennessee.



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After rescuing the kittens, they took them to Nashville Cat Rescue, where they were later introduced to two rescue mother cats Olive and Pickle.

Experts said that Apricont’s distinctive look is very unusual and he may be a generic chimera cat, meaning her cells contain two types of DNA as a result of two embryos fusing, Times Now News reported.

“They were still a little shy and often greeted me with a hiss or growling. It was clear, however, that the girls loved each other and felt safe together,” said Nashville Cat Rescue.



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