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Known as a walking talking computer by his friends, Muhammad Irfan possesses an unprecedented quality.

Faislabad: Muhammad Irfan from Faislabad is known as the walking talking computer among his friends and colleagues.

Irfan claims to be the fastest man to count letters in a word i.e. in less than a second. While speaking to ARY news, Irfan said:

“I have this quality that you tell me any English word in the world and within a second I am going to count its letters for you. I explored this about myself some 20 years back. I told my father, my friends they asked me so no one has been able to defeat me until today.”

His colleagues are astonished by the quality this young man possesses

“When I heard of him, I was surprised that how can this happen. I made an entire list of English words and he told me the letters in each word within a second. I have never seen this quality in anyone in my life.”

Irfan says he wants the world to know of him

“I want to make a World Record. I want to see my name in the Guinness Book of World Records.”

After doing MBA, Irfan went on to give CSS exams hoping one day he can be recognized for his unprecedented talent.



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