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Lahore High Court gives go-ahead for PTI’s Raiwind March

The Lahore High Court (LHC) gave its verdict on Thursday in which PTI was told to refrain from violating provincial laws and creating a chaos in Punjab – Pakistan’s largest province – during their protest rally on September 30, intended to go towards Raiwind

The court also asked Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz’s provincial government to provide well-designed and foolproof security to the participants of the march as it was their responsibility to do so.

Police in Punjab must not harass or without any charges, arrest any worker or activist of PTI, the LHC said on Thursday in its judgment.

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The LHC, however, clarified that those who tried to disrupt peace and violated legal parameters during the march should then be dealt in view of that.

On Wednesday, Chairman PTI Imran Khan appealed people from all corners of Pakistan to come and join him in the ‘Raiwind March’ as part of his party’s accountability movement against corruption in the country.

Maintaining law and order while providing protection to the participants of the march would be a huge challenge for the Punjab government particularly when the march was actually against them and the PML-N in the centre.

Once the march is over, it is PTI’s duty to manage its activists and workers, the Lahore court said.

Local administration in the walled city of Lahore also issued a detailed ‘Code of Practice’ on Wednesday, which they expect PTI to adopt during their march tomorrow.

According to the set standards, any damage to public property would be PTI’s responsibility, containers would be placed with the permission of police, only central leadership would be at the stage and businesses must not be affected during the rally.



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