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LEAs arrest security incharge of NICVD

Security in-charge of NICVD, Sagheer, was transferred to an undisclosed place after his arrest.

The law enforcement agencies, however, didn’t spell out the reason of the arrest.

An intelligence agency conducted a raid in Keamari and arrested a leader of a political party . Dilawar Shah, had contested election in the provincial assembly constituency of PS-89.

Special Investigation Unit (SIU) in a raid in Mehran Town area of Korangi killed accused Anwar Bangali and Shakoor Langra in an encounter. The two suspects said to be involved in targeted killings and robberies.

Moreover, Rangers personnel arrested two suspects said to be linked with Lyari gang war.

According to officials Amin Baloch and Hanif were facilitators of gang war and were affiliated with Baba Ladla group.



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