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LEAs arrest two members of Red Car Gang: Rangers

KARACHI: The Rangers and Police in a joint operation arrested two most wanted accused of the Red Car gang, ARY News reported on Thursday.

“The rangers and police in a raid arrested two most wanted criminals Sohail Bangali and Abdul Ghafoor alias Nanha,” a spokesperson of the Rangers said.

The accused have been affiliated with the infamous Red Car Gang, the spokesperson said.

The accused were using a red car in scores of robberies, which had become a symbol of fear and scare, the spokesperson said.

“The gang used to commit robberies in FB Area of the city.”

The teams were constituted for their arrest after a clear CCTV footage found, the spokesperson further said.

“The accused have disclosed about scores of crimes committed by them in the initial questioning.”

The law enforcement agencies have also recovered the car and pistols used in crimes along with robbed valuables.

The law enforcers conducting raids for arrest of their other accused, the spokesperson added.



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