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Leave MQM if it’s bad: Altaf tells workers

Addressing his party workers in Jinnah Ground, Hussain said that he will be appearing before the London Metropolitan police as investigations are underway in a number of cases against MQM in London.

Hussain’s bail period in the ‘Money Laundering Case’ ended today (Tuesday) April 14.

He asked workers and supporters to pray for him as he will have to appear before police.

He came hard on his critics in politics and media alike by saying that the Supreme Court of Pakistan indicated that all political parties have militants in their ranks but in the operation the workers of MQM being arrested and tortured.

Hussain lamented that only ‘Nine Zero’ (MQM headquarter) was raided during the anti-terror operation.
MQM chief also took television anchors to task by saying that they maintain that MQM stands at number three amongst the targeted forces in the Karachi operation after the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) and Lyari gang war criminals.

“Is TTP a political party?” asked Hussain.

About Yemen Issue

MQM chief claimed that decisions of Prime Minister of Pakistan and Chief Minister Sindh have no value as establishment wants to run the country on its own terms. “Prime Minister had no clue about the Yemen issue, establishment would have taken the decision”, said Hussain.

Leave MQM

Apparently wary of constant criticism, Altaf Hussain asked workers to leave MQM if they think the party is bad or has deviated from its path.

“I plead you to leave MQM if you think so”, said Hussain.

About NA-246 by-polls

Hussain repeated that NA-246 constituency belongs to MQM and the party will get more votes than any of its opponents contesting the election.

MQM chief again asked his workers to exercise restraint and ensure that the by-polls take place in a peaceful environment.



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