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All vehicles in Pakistan to have safety airbags

LAHORE: The Lahore High Court (LHC) has directed the Engineering Development Board (EDB) to ensure installation of safety airbags in all locally manufactured vehicles.

The court made it mandatory for local auto manufacturers to install airbags in all vehicles. The Pakistan Automotive Manufacturers Association (PAMA) has shown willingness to implement the court order.

Speaking during ARY News’ programme Bakhabar Savera, Ali Asghar Jamali, chairman of PAMA, explained that the court directed the government to carry out legislation regarding installation of airbags in vehicles.

“There doesn’t exist any such law in Pakistan at present. Almost all locally manufactured vehicles have airbags but those priced less than Rs1.5 million do not have this facility,” he said.

Mr Jamali pointed out that the prices of vehicles could go up after installation of airbags and this is not possible any time soon. Airbags are not manufactured in the country but imported from abroad, he said, adding they need time to implement the court order.



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