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WATCH: Lion charges at a photographer at Lahore park

A terrifying moment was witnessed at a Safari Park in Lahore when an ‘angry’ lion charged at a photographer trying to snap him when the wild animal having his meal.

This lion was not adequately distracted by devouring its dying prey to ignore the photographer that chatted just metres away while filming the heavy-maned cat eating its dinner.

Lion Lahore

The lion bares its teeth before charging at the people who are only separated from the enormous creature by a flimsy-looking wire fence at a safari park in Lahore.

Lahore lion

‘I missed it, I was Snapchatting,’ a male South African voice declares, illustrating the perils of missing real life while glued to a screen.

Lion pakistan

The photographer said that he got out of his jeep to take photos of the lion but noise attracted the lion’s attention and he bared his teeth and charged straight at him.


Although the photographer initially laughed about the encounter, he later acknowledged just how close he came to death — and vowed to never be so reckless again. It was a fence that saved him, otherwise the encounter could have been deadly.


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