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PM Nawaz won’t escape this time, says Imran

Addressing the public meeting on PTI’s Foundation Day celebrations, Imran Khan said that it had been 20 years in politics and he was getting ready for another 20 years.

He said that he was thankful to the nation for the nation for all their love and support.

Khan said that his seniors told him that we couldn’t beat the English on the home ground. “When Pakistan won the World Cup, I was happy and was proud to be a Pakistani,” he added.

PTI Chairman Khan said that the conditions of the country spiraled downwards instead of improving. He added, “When I used to travel to England I used to see democracy and state institutions work.”

Addressing the youth of the country, he said that it is the responsibility of everyone to fight tyranny. He added that God will ask everyone what they did to fight against tyranny on the Day of Judgment.

He said that Pakistan has to be made into an Islamic state which will become an example for the whole world.

“Pakistan was made in the name of Islam,” he added.

“The resistance against corruption has started. The country has woken up. We have to save Pakistan’s ideology. Whenever I take the name of Panama Papers, chaos takes place in Raiwind,” he added.

PTI Chairman said, “If this is the situation, what will happen when we start our march towards Raiwind.” He expressed his optimism that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif will resign before the Raiwind march starts.

Addressing PM Nawaz over the Panama Leaks, the PTI Chairman said he fell sorry for the premier when level allegations against him in his address to the nation.

“Don’t ask me. Go and ask the foreign journalists who have included your (Nawaz) name in the Panama Leaks. You escape every time but you won’t this time,” he added.

He added, “Your (Nawaz) name was mentioned in the Mehran Bank Scandal when he took money from Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI). You and your children’s name came up in the Panama Leaks.”

Khan said that the country will head towards destruction if the rulers are not held accountable.

“People are not getting food and metrobus services are being launched in the country”, he said.

Khan also said that the opposition in United Kingdom also asked its Prime Minister David Cameron to resign. He said that PM Sharif will also have to disclose the details of his assets.

He went on to say that they will only accept a commission under the Chief Justice of Pakistan. He added that the government accuse others of being corrupt when itself is being accused of doing corrupt.

He asked the prime minister why he did not appear in the Parliament and gave an explanation.

He added that it is the duty of the opposition to question the rulers regarding taxes and it is the duty of the government to answer them.

Khan added that its the job of the government to investigate corruption. “Instead of explaining themselves, the federal government leveled allegations against Shaukat Khan Memorial Cancer Hospital,” he said.

PM Nawaz won’t escape. We will hold him… by arynews

Large number had gathered in Islamabad’s F-9 Park for Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s (PTI) 20th foundation day celebrations.

Several party leaders including Shireen Mazari, Murad Saeed, CM Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pervaiz Khattak, Jahangir Tareen and Shah Mehmood Qureshi had already reached the rally venue before the party chairman.

The Fatima Jinnah Park also known as F-9 Park was decorated with Pakistan and PTI flags on the occasions whereas party anthems and national songs were played on the occasion.

A documentary highlighting PTI Chairman Imran Khan’s 20 year of political struggle was shown to the crowd whereas a musical segment is also a part of the festivities.

A special Peshawari chappal was prepared for the PTI Chairman for the occasion.



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