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WATCH: Man breaks Guinness world record for opening cans with mouth   

ONTARIO: A man,32, broke the Guinness world record for opening most beverage cans in one minute in Ontario, Canada.

According to the details, Chucky Mady, a mixed martial arts fighter from Windsor, set a new world record by opening 24 full24 full beverage cans in 1 minute.

In the video, Chucky Mady can be seen using his powerful jaws to rip the tops off the cans, causing soda to spray all over him and the surrounding area.

“I’ve been doing it for years. I started when I was 16,” Mady told the Windsor Star. “Just messing around. Party tricks.”

Mady said it was several years later before he decided to take on the world record.

“One day, I was watching Guinness World Records Gone Wild on TV. There was this guy, Ryan Stock, who was doing it. His record was 11 cans in 1 minute, and I was like: ‘I can do that.'”

Guinness confirmed Mady set the new record at 24 cans.

Mady said the most important part of his technique is making sure he doesn’t cut his mouth on the torn aluminum. “My teeth are tough,” Mady said. “It doesn’t hurt.”

Mady said he is now co4nsidering beating his own record.



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