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60-year-old man climbs electric pole after children object to second marriage

NEW DELHI: A 60-year-old man climbed up an electric pole in India’s Rajasthan to record his protest after his children opposed his second marriage.

According to the details, Sobran Singh, a resident of Madha Bhau village in Dholpur district of Rajasthan, climbed a pole of high-tension wires to convince his children for second marriage. Sources said that Singh, who has five children and several grandchildren wanted to get second marriage but his family was opposing it.

A large crowd gathered near the electric pole and tried to persuade Singh to come down, however, he refused.

Singh even caught a high-tension wire and threatened to commit suicide if his children didn’t allow him to get married for a second time. Fortunately, there was no electricity running in the high tension line at that time.

Singh’s family informed the local sub-station about the incident after which the electricity department cut the power in the area, Times Now News reported.

After about an hour, a local youth climbed the pole and convinced the elderly man to climb down.

When he was asked whom he wants to marry, he said, “Get me married to anyone. I just want a companion.”

Singh’s wife died four years ago and he lives with his three sons.



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