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Man comes under acid attack for refusing marriage proposal

Shamim will be produced before the court after being found guilty of the crime.

According to police, the woman threw acid on Sadaqat after he refused to marry her. Further investigation is underway.

Acid attacks are one the most common form of violence against women in Pakistan, but such attacks against men are rare.

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There are various reasons behind the assaults which includes personal reasons as marriage proposal rejections or divorce issues, property and land disputes and also due to religious extremism.

There are an estimated 80-100 cases of acid attacks in Pakistan every year although independent organizations consider the figure to be much higher.

The Protection of Women against Violence Bill 2015, was passed in Punjab on February 24, which criminalizes all forms of violence against women, including domestic, sexual, psychological, emotional, economic and verbal.

The provincial government will establish district protection centers, residential shelters and a toll-free helpline for victims of violence under the law.

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