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Man kills teenager for ‘teasing’ his pet dog

FAISALABAD: A man shot to death a teenager in Faisalabad for allegedly irking his pet dog here.

The case has been registered against the suspects on plea of the victim’s father

Muhammad Iftikhar, victim’s father, told the police in his application that he was passing through Shakeel Park when a man with his dog also went past his sons. “But suddenly the dog attacked his son Juji, who in turn hurled a stone at him.”

He said the dog’s owner immediately whipped out a pistol and shot Juji.

The injured boy was transferred to a nearby hospital where doctors pronounced him dead. The accused has fled and police are going after him.

Earlier this year, a seven-year-old boy, who was kidnapped for ransom, was killed. The kidnappers had been in touch with the child’s parents and had asked for Rs10 million in ransom.



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