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Man robs pizzeria, leaves behind his bag and all the information

A Pennsylvanian man robbed an eatery where he actually went for a job interview and to his ‘surprise’, the police traced him by means of information on his job application form and the belongings he left behind.

The 22-year-old Nicholas M Mark who went to a pizzeria to interview for a job changed his mind and instead stole the tip jar filled with cash. When an employee of the pizzeria chased him, Mark threatened him with his knife and escaped there.

However, this all came after he had applied for the job with all his details and contact information listed by the eatery named Pizza D’Oro.

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To add insult to the injury, or the his misery for that matter, the robber also left his bag behind which contained multiple items with his name on it, along with five syringes, a razor blade and cotton swabs.

Mark having stolen the jar which reportedly contained $220, ran into the woods near the parking lot, but with all the evidence he left behind, the local police caught him and booked him at Northampton County Prison, their local media reported.

The restaurant staff identified Mark from an eight-person lineup after Police took him in as suspect.

He has been charged with robbery, robbery with the threat of serious injury, theft, possession of a weapon, simple assault and possession of drug paraphernalia.

He has a preliminary hearing scheduled for September 11.



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