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Man with throat cancer kills co-worker who introduced him to cigarette

An Indian man diagnosed with throat cancer allegedly shot dead his colleague who introduced him to cigarettes, reported an Indian newspaper.

Mustakeem Ahmad – 25-year-old cook at restaurant – is said to have been consumed with hate and resent at his co-worker after doctors attributed the disease to his smoking habit.

Following his arrest, he told interrogators that he was looking for an opportunity to take revenge after learning that his disease was caused by smoking.

The duo – aged 25 – worked as chefs at a restaurant in west Delhi.

The victim has been identified as Inayat who was working alongside the accused for last 18 months.

Contrary to accused confession, police said that both were friends at the workplace but the victim was reportedly was more successful at work, resenting Ahmad time and again.

The accused had allegedly developed an enmity against Inayat.

Moreover, Ahmad allegedly stated that he started smoking cigarettes and later took to marijuana under the influence of Inayat.

Ahmad developed a throat infection for which he consulted a doctor. He claimed that the doctor told him he had developed a throat cancer due to excessive smoking.

Ahmad blamed the victim for getting him addicted to smoking which had led to his cancer. Later, he was fired from his job for persistently demonstrating poor performance at workplace.

Frustrated with the situation, Ahmad went back to his native village in Amroha in Uttar Pradesh and acquired a country made pistol with some bullets.

Ahmad visited the restaurant once again and asked the owner – who is said to be his brother-in-law – to remove Inayat from work.

On defiance, he ended up picking a fight with Inayat and later allegedly shot at him in the middle of argument.

The victim succumbed to his injuries during medical treatment.



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