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WATCH: Man resorts to violence mid-flight after asked to wear facemask

In yet another incident of a passenger refusing to wear a facemask onboard a flight, a man resorted to violence and hit the crew members of a Ryanair flight when he was asked to cover his face owing to COVID-19 pandemic.

The ugly scene was captured on camera during a Ryanair flight where a drunken passenger resorted to violence.

The 25-year-old Daniel Hendry made a fascist salute at a flight attendant and even headbutted him when asked to put on a face cover for the safety of himself and other passengers.

Hendry also mocked an Italian air host and raised his arm in a Mussolini-style salute while repeatedly refusing to wear a mask.

“I’m going to punch you, going to smash your head in,” shouted Hendry when asked to put on a facemask. Hendry headbutted the attendant and stroked another attendant’s arm whole trying to hug her.

After the plane landed at Manchester Airport, Hendry was arrested.

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Reports said Hendry’s behaviour had caused much distress inside the plane as the pilot was compelled to accelerate towards the destination, landing 25 minutes earlier than the scheduled arrival time.

The captain also tried to land at other destinations, however, he was unable to divert the flight to other airports in the way as they were closed owing to the pandemic.



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