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Man blames wife for poisoning him just before death in viral video   

In a shocking incident, a man recorded his video blaming his wife for allegedly poisoning him hours before he was found dead.

The incident occurred in Ranchi, the capital of India’s Jharkand state, where a video of a businessman went viral on the same day he was poisoned to death.

Premjit Prasad, a hotelier at the Naga Baba Khatal area in Ranchi, blamed his wife for killing him by feeding him poisonous pills. He seems to have recorded the video after consuming the pills.

In the video, Prasad claimed that he was constantly tortured by his wife and in-laws even after one year of their marriage. He said his in-laws have filed fake cases of dowry, sexual assault and others against him.

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Police further confirmed that the deceased shared the video on Tuesday and the same day his dead body was found near a football ground. The body was sent for postmortem to ascertain the cause and circumstances behind the episode.



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