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Marriage is a part of life, it’s not everything: Nadia Khan

Actor and host Nadia Khan appeared on Waseem Badami’s show Har Lamha Purjosha where shared her views about the concept of marriage.

She said that many men can’t stand successful women not just in Pakistan but across the world. Speaking about the concept of marriage, she said that for her “Marriage is a chapter of life and not everything.”

Nadia Khan is accredited with starting the trend of morning shows in Pakistan. The host said that she is skeptical why morning shows are shutting down in the country. “There are limited morning show options when I switch on TV in the morning,” she added.

When asked about whether she has any regrets about conducting her morning show the way she did, Khan said she never had to issue clarifications or apologize for the content aired on her show.

Khan spoke highly of Good Morning Pakistan’s morning show host Nida Yasir and said she can relate to her in many ways. She shared that her favourite morning show host is however Sahir Lodhi because he makes her laugh.

Khan hosted ARY Digital’s morning show¬†Breakfast with Nadia which went on air in 2003. On the work front, she recently started her YouTube channel.



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