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German Ambassador gets his bicycle a makeover in Pakistani style!

A week ago, Germany’s ambassador to Pakistan, Martin Kobler had bought a Pakistan-made bicycle after hours of struggle in Rawalpindi.

“Uff, was a hard choice day! wanted to buy a bicycle made in Pakistan, it was hard to find one, but finally bought a read one”, the envoy had tweeted.

Kobler, however, didn’t reveal his plans for the bike’s makeover, until today, when he tweeted that his new bicycle was painted with Pakistan’s traditional truck art.

“Here it is!! My Pakistani bicycle is ready with amazing truck art. Haha, love it now more”, he tweeted.

He further wrote that he rode the bicycle in the streets of Rawalpindi and that it ‘felt great.

His bicycle’s makeover received overwhelming response from the Pakistani tweeps, who not only lauded the ambassador’s idea but also thanked him for promoting the truck art, a form of expression native to Pakistan.

One of his followers even tweeted pictures of Multan’s traditional tile work, suggesting the envoy to try the design next time.

Another person wrote that Martin Kobler felt more like Pakistan’s ambassador than Germany’s.

Do you have any more ideas for Ambassador Kobler to try out? Let us know in the comments below.



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