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A 'private channel' involved in manipulating television rating points, says Medialogic Pakistan

Speaking at a presser here, the CEO of Medialogic Pakistan, Salman Danish told that for a long time ARY Digital was leading in TRPs, yet it ratings were brought down deliberately.

“We noticed in the month of March that ratings of a specific channel were going high in an unusual manner,” he said, adding, “Investigations revealed that some of our employees were working on payroll of a channel”.

ARY ratings were deliberately brought down: CEO Medialogic
These employees paid some specific houses to tune into that particular channel at prime time, which led to surge in channel’s TRPs, he noted.

The CEO Medialogic said this paid tampering by a channel cost around Rs 500 million losses to rest of the channels.

Danish said the issue has already been taken up with Pakistan Broadcasting Association and the association after witnessing the evidences asked us to bring the details to light.

He went in to say that this is the third instance that the same media house has been caught while tampering the TRPs.

Earlier in 2008 and 2009, the same group was found involved in similar activities.

Salman Danish told the news men that Medialogic Pakistan has lodged a case with Gulberg police station against three of its employees.

The media watchdog chief said the matter now rests with PBA and vowed to sue the very channel, for the actions of the media house distorted the image of Medialogic Pakistan and caused financial losses to other TV channels.



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