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Meet Pakistan’s youngest pop singer– Abdullah Muzaffar

Born in 1999, Abdullah Muzaffar started singing at an early age. In 2013, when he was 17 he was awarded as the youngest pop musician in Pakistan. Hailing from UK based Lahori family, Abdulah Muzaffar saw there was extreme potential and opportunity in the Pakistani Music Industry and hence decided to settle down in Lahore, with his  family.

With his added handsome innocent looks, Abdullah catches not just everyone’s attention but captures hearts too.  Currently a student of A-levels, Abdullah has already released 4 original tracks.

Yaadan being his latest Punjabi release has grabbed some major attention and crossed 1.5million views on facebeook. Yaadan is a simple melody with easy to relate lyrics that will get you humming the very minute you start listening to the song.

With many projects in the pipeline, Abdullah Muzaffar is currently busy working on this other songs.



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