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Meet Sameera Lakhani, the youngest ACCA affiliate in the world

Karachi: Sameera Lakhani, the Pakistani girl who is the youngest ACCA affiliate in the world.

Sameera was only 17 years old when she completed her ACCA. She recently talked to ARY News and expressed her thoughts.

“I started in 2012 and I completed in 2014. I was 17 years 8 months when I completed my ACCA,” said Sameera.

Sameera said she is  currently working in Ernst & Young and has also completed her LLB and BSE in applied Accounting and Finance now that she is 20.

Speaking on what made her choose this for herself, she said:

“There are hardly any female representatives at top managerial position. Times are changing. Girls should explore as many fields as they like. It is now a necessity that girls come forward and represent themselves. Unless they don’t make themselves heard, nobody is going to listen. We keep saying that look there is dirt but until and unless we don’t go clean it ourselves it is going to be there,”

It was after a lot of hard work that Sameera is where she is today.

“I used to leave home at 10am and come back at 11 in the night. It was roller coaster ride. All my friends have supported me a lot. There used to be a pile of books in my car at all times. My father used to bring me a lunch box and I used to eat between classes going from Clifton to Bahadurabad and then again, Clifton. I used to sleep early night, I did not have a cell phone until I completed my ACCA because my parents thought it is a big distraction,”

Sameera’s father too talked to ARY News and said that Sameera was very clever and hardworking but for professional studies the most important thing is commitment. Whenever somebody asked her as a child what you want to be when you grow up, she used to say, “President of US.” She completed ACCA without a lapse; 14 papers in 1.5 years.

Sameera’s mother, on the other hand, maintained that  Sameera is always concerned about whether or not she has hurt someone. She is very sensitive, very caring and always only wants that no one should get hurt because of her.






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