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Mika Singh booked for slapping doctor onstage!

The magical Indian singer has previously courted controversy for his brash actions in public. He had earlier kissed item girl Rakhi Sawant publicly, for which he received quite a lot of flak in the media. Now, Singh recently slapped a doctor across the face during his live performance. Mika’s troubles began after the incident as it was not left unnoticed and police booked him for the offense.

Organized by the Delhi Ophthalmological Society at Pusa Institute in Inderpuri, Mika requested the male members in the audience to be on one side so that females could gather in the center . However, one particular male doctor in the crowd kept on dancing at the female’s side. This drove Mika over the edge who called him onstage and confronted him as to why the doctor didn’t heed his instructions. After a few words were exchanged, Mika slapped the doctor across the face and handed him off to his bouncers, who took the man away.

According to an Indian newspaper, this is what a senior police officer disclosed. “In his complaint, Dr. Shrikant has said he was trying to communicate with a woman, who was participating in a gimmick that required segregation of male and female members of the audience. It was then that Mika summoned the doctor.”

“When Dr. Shrikant went on stage at Mika’s insistence, he was first asked why he disagreed with the singer’s directions. He was then slapped and escorted away from the stage by two of Mika’s bouncers,” the officer added.

Mika’s slap went viral on social media, particularly on YouTube. As can be seen in the video, the slap was a powerful one. So much so that it caused a small perforation in the doctor’s eardrum. Mika Singh, being an artist of excellent caliber, should have exercised restraint and not indulged in the impulsive act.

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