Model ‘possessed by ghost’ in live TV interview

BANGKOK: We’ve often heard of supernatural powers overpowering humans, leading to bizarre consequences. One such happening was captured during a live TV show when a model seemingly ‘possessed’ by a cannibal ghost.

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The clip was extracted from a chat show in Thailand.

According to the channel named ThaiCh8, it shows a young model suddenly become possessed by a ghost.


To make things stranger still she is then asked questions in a bizarre interview in which she speaks in a creepy voice and demands pig’s blood.





The video is going viral on the internet for nature of the content being extraordinary.

But throughout the interview, the promotional model, named as Thippawan ‘Pui’ Chaphupuang, is adamant that a ‘pop’ had come to possess her.


A pop is a cannibalistic spirit in Thai folklore that is said to feed on the intestines of the woman it possesses.

According to Bangkok Coconuts, Pui told the host she was possessed while on vacation.

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Model ‘possessed by ghost’ in live TV interview

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