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Dummy Modi says Atif deprived Himesh Reshammiya of livelihood

In another fun-filled episode of season 2019 of popular ARY News’ show ‘Har Lamha Purjosh’, mimicry artist Shafaat Ali played Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to entertain audiences.

Shafaat Ali, while playing Modi, kept accusing Pakistan of everything that is wrong under the sun and even complained that Pakistani artists are rendering their Indian counterparts jobless.

“Aap Kay Yahan Se Atif Aslam Aata Hai, Hamara Himesh Reshammiya Berozgar Hojata Hai, Aaj Teen Din Hogaye Uske Ghar Khana Nahi Bana (Pakistan’s Atif Aslam rendered our Himesh Reshammiya jobless, his family has not eaten anything for past three days),” said the dummy Modi.

As the show’s host Waseem Badami asked him as to how can Atif Aslam render Himesh jobless, dummy Modi said that it is because Atif Aslam is a great singer.

“Atif sings melodious songs while our Himesh Reshammiya only does Shakalaka,” said dummy Modi while mimicking the Indian singer known for Shakalaka Boom Boom song.

When asked about Kulbhushan Jadhav’s arrest and his confession regarding terror activities in Pakistan, the dummy Modi said “Aapka Matlooba Number Kisi Doosri Line Pe Masruf Hai, Barai Meherbani Thori Dair Baad Koshish Kren” (The number you are trying to call is busy at the moment, please try later)” generating a lot of laughs.

Fellow comedian Sakhawat Naz cracked jokes about Indian initiatives of halting trade activities and export of tomatoes to Pakistan.

Here is the video of the full show



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