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Here’s what Modi gifted Ivanka Trump on her India visit

NEW DELHI: President Donald Trump’s daughter and adviser Ivanka Trump is currently a cynosure for the Indian media as she kicked off her first visit to the country.

Modi on Tuesday presented Ivanka Trump with a wooden box made in the Sadeli craft style.

The gift is expected to serve as a reminder of her Hyderabad visit.

Sadeli craft, which is native to Surat, is a form of marquetry created by highly skilled craftsmen and involves fabricating geometric patterns in wood. This style was traditionally used to decorate doors, windows and furniture. Today, it is also used to embellish jewellery boxes, containers and photo frames, the TOI said quoting its sources.

Modi Ivanka gift

Sadeli became extremely popular in 19th century Britain, when it started importing boxes, card cases and chess boards from India. Bombay emerged as the hub of this craft, and the imported products thereafter began to be known as ‘Bombay boxes,’ according to Furniture & Cabinetmaking magazine.

Modi and Ivanka met on the sidelines of the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Hyderabad, and later attended the event.

Modi gift Ivanka


Modi gift Ivanka



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